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Workplace Wellness by Design: Applying the Hierarchy of Controls to Mental Health

You've Got the Green Light to Re-Open, but is it Ethical?

Who Gets to Work from Home?

Changing the Way We Work: How and When to Create a New Role in Your Organization

Could your biases be affecting diversity in the workplace?

Where to Start? The Top Four Tasks HR Professionals Are Working On Right Now

HR Professionals: Taking Care of Yourself, Too

Mental Health in the Workplace: How Are Your Employees Coping?

“What if…” The Questions Employers Are Asking

Right to Refuse: Do Employees Have to Go Back?

Resuming Operations: Is It Time to Go Back?

Don’t Stand So Close to Me: Social Distancing in the Workplace

Lessons from Past Pandemics, Part 3: Acting with Purpose

Lessons from Past Pandemics, Part 2: Finding Perspective

Lessons from Past Pandemics, Part 1: Preparing for a False Start

COVID-19 Question Series: How Much Should You Be Cleaning?

COVID-19 Question Series: We’ve Got You Covered with Even More Answers

COVID-19 Question Series: All About Working From Home, Work Sharing, and Those Feeling Left Behind

COVID-19 Question Series: More Answers About What You May Owe Employees

COVID-19 Question Series: More Record of Employment and Layoff Answers

COVID-19 Question Series: Answers to Your Questions About Sick Days, Vacations Pay, and More

COVID-19 Question Series: Answers to Your Questions About EI, ROE, and Layoffs

COVID-19 Question Series: A Q&A Update of What We Know So Far

Best Practices for Managing Remote Workers

Addressing the Elephant in the Room: Constructive Dismissal Claims

Business Planning During COVID-19 Pandemic

Breaking News: Governments to shut down all non-essential workplaces

How to partner locally and give back during uncertain times

Business Continuity Calculator: Helping you Understand Profit Loss

Record of Employement (ROE) Challenges During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Questions about COVID-19 are not getting any easier, but we have answers

Breaking news! Keeping Canadian employers updated on COVID-19

The Business Case for Diversity: Why It Pays to Have Women at the Top

Batten Down the Hatches: Keeping Your Business Going During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Safety (and Accessibility) First: How Accessibility and Health and Safety Intersect

Glory Days: How to Maintain Company Culture During Growth

Burnout 101: What It Is, Why It’s Bad, and How You Can Help

Coronavirus at Work: Information Employers Should Know

What First Impression Does Your Orientation Make? A Best Practice Guide

Signed, Sealed, Delivered, You’re Compliant: Managing HR Processes

Health and Safety How-To: The Basic Elements of Compliance

It Doesn’t Show Signs of Stopping: Beating Burnout in the Busy Season

Why Employers Should Encourage Sick Days

Back to the Future (at Work): Re-onboarding Employees

Foresight Is 20/20: Future-Proofing Your HR Strategy

Employees on Their Worst Behaviour: How to Tackle Five Annoying Office Habits

Watch Your Step! Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls in the Workplace

The $64,000 Question: Is Pay Transparency Worth It?

Terms and Conditions Apply: Understanding Averaging Agreements

Take Care of Skeletons in the Closet with Workplace Inspections

Money (That’s What They Want): Evaluating Your Pay System

Working Nine-ish to Five-ish: Helping Employees Make the Most of Flexible Work Arrangements

Don’t Bring Me Down! Responding to Bad Online Reviews

Effective Performance Improvement Plan Guide

Back to Basics: An Introduction to HR for Business Owners

Statutes and Legislation: Understanding How Laws Are Made

We Are Living in a Digital World: Do Your Employees Have the Right Digital Skills?

Above and Beyond, or the Bare Minimum? Recognize and Manage Employee Engagement at Every Level

Don’t Get That Summertime Sadness: How to End Summer Contracts

Recruiting New Board Directors: What Not-for-Profits Need to Know

Quickly Measure Employee Engagement: One Effective (and Super-Easy) Method

Modernizing the Canada Labour Code: Changes in Effect September 1, 2019

Don’t ‘Leave’ Them in the Lurch: Helping an Employee Return from Leave

Shh! Why Your Workplace Needs a Quiet Room

What Is a Volunteer, Exactly? Avoiding the Perils of Worker Misclassification

The Password Is ‘Password’: Steps Everyone Should Take for Cybersecurity

Accessibility for All: The Benefits of Creating an Accessible Workplace

It’s Time to Up Your Training Game: Getting Employees Engaged in Training

A Balanced Approach to Unbalanced Pay: How to Provide Individual Raises

Hiring Outside Your Comfort Zone: Advice for Small Business Owners

Did You Do Your Due Diligence? Implementing Proactive Health and Safety Practices

Ontario’s ESA Has Changed Again: What Employers Need to Know About Bill 66

Friends in High Places: Is After-Work Socializing Influencing Promotions?

The Hard Facts About Soft Skills: What They Are and How You Can Foster Them

You Can Dish It, but Can You Take It? Handling Feedback from Your Employees

Workplace Detox: Bouncing Back from a Toxic Hire

People Skills: How to Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

Save the Earth and Save Money: How Going Green Makes Business ‘Cents’

Retire Stereotypes: How to Create an Age-Friendly Workplace

The Gender Pay Gap: What You Can Do

Pulling Back on Perks: Reducing Employee Benefits

But We Can Still Be Friends: Effective Offboarding

HR Professional or Personal Counsellor? Maintaining Appropriate Workplace Boundaries

Get Organized, or Don’t: How to Manage Different Organizational Styles

Making a Difference: Creating a Successful Workplace Diversity Program

Here’s My Number, So Call Me Maybe: How to Get Real with References

Talent Is More Than Skin-Deep: Appearance-Based Biases in the Workplace

The Growing Pains of HR: How to Successfully Foster HR in Your Organization

Wellness Is ‘Snow’ Joke: Maintaining Workplace Wellness in the Winter

Sweating the Small Stuff: When to Discipline Small Behavioural Transgressions

Bills, Bills, Bills: Helping Employees Navigate Legislative Changes

Sneaking Away: How to Respond When You Suspect an Employee Plans to Leave

Don’t Take It Personally: Managing Sensitive Employees

Dollars and Sense: Financial Literacy and Workplace Wellness

It Can’t Last Forever: When Valued Employees Resign

Weight of the World: Effectively Managing Your Workplace Stress

EXTRA! EXTRA! Ontario’s Bill 47 Receives Royal Assent: Everything You Need to Know About Changes to the ESA and LRA

Communication Is Key: Four Difficult HR Conversations

Happy Holi-daze: Cannabis at Your Holiday Parties

Everybody Hurts: Compassion Fatigue in Human Resources

Recruitment Wars: How to Overcome the Job Seekers’ Market

Mutiny! What to Do When Your Team Turns Against You

Puff, Puff, Passing Along the Right Information: Addressing Employees’ Cannabis Concerns

Mind Your Manners: Improving Your Leadership Etiquette

One Step Forward or Two Steps Back? Effective Progressive Discipline

Deep into the Weed: Understanding the Basics of Recreational Cannabis

How Not to Hire: Common Interview Mistakes

Mental Health First Aid: Are You Prepared?

You’re Not the Boss of Me! Managing an Employee You Dislike

If You Build It, Will They Come? Building a Workplace Wellness Program That Employees Actually Use

First Things First: What to Do in Case of a Workplace Injury

Guess Who? Identifying and Managing Challenging Employees

Leave It to Us: A How-To Guide for Protected Leaves

Help! I Need Somebody: When and How to Ask for Help

Ontario’s New Provincial Government: What Kind of Changes Can We Expect?

It Takes All Kinds: Getting the Most from Introverts and Extraverts

In Case of Emergency, What Next? Perfecting Your Preparedness Plan

Say What? Inclusive Language in the Workplace

Difficult Discipline: Managing Bad Behaviour in Unusual Circumstances

30 + 17 = Headache! Implementing Alberta’s Major Legislative Changes

Oops! How to Fix Mistakes in the Workplace

“You Know What Else Bugs Me…?” Managing Chronic Complainers

Top Questions about Ontario’s Bill 148 Answered

Don’t Let Your Workplace Go Up in Smoke: Preparing for Legalized Marijuana

Why Can’t We Be Friends? Setting Workplace Boundaries

Misfit Employee or Missed Opportunity? Learning from the Outliers

Pitfalls and Overhauls: Avoiding Mistakes in Recognition Programs

Mental Health in the Canadian Workplace

Is It Time to Go? When to Terminate the “Just OK” Employee

Bill 148: Vacation with Pay

Party of One: How to Treat Single Employees Fairly

You May Not Know About Sexual Harassment in Your Workplace. Why Not?

Who’s the Boss? How to Prepare New Supervisors for Success

A Stitch in Time: Keeping Dress Codes Current and Compliant

Bill 148: Equal Pay for Equal Work

Stuck in the Middle with You: When Workplace Romances End

Policy Rollout 101: Effectively Communicating Policy Changes to Employees

Bill 148: How Sick Days and PEL Interact

Are You a Bad Boss? Strategies to Improve Manager–Employee Relations

Dollars and Sense: Financial Literacy and Workplace Wellness

What’s Your Excuse? Managing Sick Days

Make ’Em, Don’t Break ’Em! Keep Up with Your HR Resolutions

Does Your Workplace Have a “Bro Culture”? You May Be Surprised

Under Pressure: Wage Compression from Pay Increases

Keep Calm and Communicate: Managing Employees During a Crisis

Employees at Odds: Managing Interpersonal Conflicts in the Workplace

Ready, Set, Goal! Establishing Your HR Plan for 2018

Giving Compassion: Mental Health at the Holidays

Weed at Your Work Parties: What You Should Know

Closed for the Season: All About Holiday Shutdowns

Gossip 101: How to Silence Workplace Rumours

Is it "Pawsible"? Taking a Look at Pets in the Workplace

Accommodation at Every Age: Helping Employees with Eldercare

Calculating Overtime: Three Things to Consider

A Limited Engagement: Meeting HR Challenges in the Gig Economy

Innovation Station: How Intrapreneurs can Drive Your Business Forward

Ontario’s Proposed Domestic Violence Leave: A First Step Forward

Red Alert or False Alarm? Handling Alarmist Personalities

From Employee Experience to Employee Engagement

Emotional Baggage Check: Managing Employee Emotions

Strengthening Workplace Inclusion: Gender Identity & Gender Expression

Get Up to Speed – How to Drive HR with Easy Tech Solutions

Meet Generation Z: Canada’s Newest Labour Force

When Fun Goes Out of Fashion: Tailoring Your Workplace Culture

Game of Phones - Tips for Providing Employee References

Green Screen: Marijuana, Impairment, and Drug Testing in the Workplace

Bona Fide or Not? How to Create Legally Compliant Job Descriptions

Bill 17: How to Prepare for Updates to Alberta’s Employment Standards

The Bottom Line: Helping You Plan for Minimum Wage Changes [INFOGRAPHIC]

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways (Tips for Managing Office Romance)

More Vacation, More Productivity: Doing More with Less

You’re Invited, but Should You Go? A Manager’s Role Outside of the Office

Don’t Take It Personally: Managing Sensitive Employees

Performance on Trial: Effective Probationary Period Arrangements

How Employers Can Be Flexible with Flex Time

Change Is in the Air: Prospective Reforms Coming to Ontario’s ESA

In Case of Emergency, What Should You Do? Creating a Preparedness Plan

Rule the CASL: Prepare for Changes to Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

Don’t Let Your Workplace Go Up in Smoke: Preparing for Legalized Marijuana

Protecting Employees from Family Violence: What Employers Can Do

The Voice of Canadian Mental Health in the Workplace – Let’s Get Loud

Take Notice: Understanding the Different Types of Notice

Two Truths and a Lie: How to Detect Resume Misrepresentation

Pay by the Rules: Managing Holiday Pay

Hire Remorse – The Costs of a Bad Hire

Workplaces That Work – Tools for Resolving Conflict

Getting Back on Track: Derailed Employee Relationships

Pack Mentality - Countering Clique Culture

Equal Pay Day: Closing the Gender Pay Gap

How to Make a Smooth Transition to WHMIS 2015

Cleaning Up Toxic Workplace Waste

ALL ABOARD! Getting Everyone on the Training Bandwagon

Kudos, Not Cash – Budget-Friendly Employee Recognition

Managing the Grapevine - The Impact of Workplace Gossip

Been There, Asked That - Rethinking Common Interview Questions

Targeting Soft Skills - The Benefits of Hiring Well-Rounded Applicants

"What's My Role Again?" - The Importance of Job Descriptions

Ontario Employers Take Note – AODA Compliance Deadlines in 2017

Moving Up the Ladder - Handling Internal Promotions

Social Screening in Recruitment - What Are the Risks?

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