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Get Organized, or Don’t: How to Manage Different Organizational Styles

Posted by HRdownloads on Mar 14, 2019 2:30:00 PM

Organization looks different for different people. You might be known around the office for your tidy desk and orderly desktop, while another employee’s workstation overflows with scraps, notes, toys, and plants. Your system makes sure that there is a place for everything, and everything is in its place—whereas you can’t help but wonder how your colleagues get anything done with their desks in such disarray. If your team appears to be in chaos, it may be time to encourage your version of organization among your company and staff.

Before you try to organize your organization, take a step back to really think about it. We know that arranging and regulating processes and spaces can be beneficial, creating more efficient procedures and decreasing overall stress. In fact, when asked how people felt when they organized their workspace, they typically felt accomplished (71%), in control (68%), confident (54%), and motivated (52%). Everyone is different, though, so being organized might look different for everyone.

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